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Abdulla Educational Academy is a unique educational institute to facilitate memorization program of Holy Quran. It is a five years program; the students will get fully IT supported coaching classes at the Academy Campus situated in Kothakurssi, Ottapalam.

AEA Shareeath College

The Shareeath College is proposed to start on 2016 (insha Allah) with compiling both education. The students will be selected from the Hifzul Quran College after completing the memorization and SSLC.


AEA envisages a five year Holy Quran memorization (Hifz) program, from which the first three years will be dedicated for the memorization of Holy Quran completely along with school classes from sixth STD as per the Kerala Government Public Education System. Students are expected to memorize six Juz’ in the first academic year, followed by two years with a memorization target of 12 Juz’ each. Hifz program will be preceded by a rigorous practice of Thajveed (rules of recitation) spanning two-three months in the very beginning of academic career. Consequently, those who completed the Hifz within the time frame and reached the target of 30 Daura (repeated recitation of Quran) shall be admitted for the SSLC exam, for which constant coaching will be available along with Daura and basic religious subjects.


Applications can be submitted online and offline after the announcement of admission process in each academic year which will be available in the site as well as printed and online media. Admission is restricted for those who emerge victorious in the entrance exam being conducted each year.