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AEA Strategy for Admission

1. Those who have passed fifth standard in school with an appreciable grade and not exceeding an age criterion of thirteen years are eligible for application for the admission to Abdulla Hifzul Quran College.

2. The eligible candidates will have to face an entrance exam comprising three phases- Quran and Hifz test, general interview and written exam.

3. Admission for Hifz batches of each year shall be based upon the rank list of the entrance exam of the respective year.

4. The absence of a candidate in any part of the Entrance Test shall forfeit his claim for the admission.

5. No request from candidates for re-evaluation of answer sheets of Entrance Test shall be entertained.

6. There is no provision of nomination for any seat and no application/ request shall be entertained in this regard.

7. No candidate shall be entitled to claim the admission as a matter of right.

Candidates are strongly advised to regularly check the academy website (http://aeacademy.co.in) for the admission related announces and other information.